Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

The A–Z Guide



2008 Viking hardcover:

ptg index 2008 hardcover only.xls

2008 Viking hardcover + 3 updates:

ptg index 2008 + updates.xls

Index for the 2009 Penguin/Profile paperback coming soon

The reader known as Rien (a member on the Perfume of Life message board) has kindly compiled an Excel index of the Guide and made it available for free to all. This file makes it possible to search and sort reviews by name, brand, author, star rating, two-word smell description, page number, publication, and price.

Two versions are available: one for the original hardcover and one including both the hardcover and the three online updates that appeared on this site from Winter 2008 to Spring 2009, containing over 100 reviews each.

No Excel index is yet available for the paperback, but we hope to post one shortly.

Because the paperback includes all the perfumes from the updates, we no longer offer them on our site.