Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

The A–Z Guide


“Ravishingly entertaining”

The New Yorker

“Dazzlingly good”

Sunday Times (UK)

“A revelation”


“As gripping as any thriller”

Daily Mail (UK)

“Very likely my favourite book of all time”

Joanne Harris, author Chocolat

“Provocative and hugely entertaining”

Times Literary Supplement (UK)

“Shocks with originality”


“Surprisingly absorbing ... Invaluable”


“An essential possession”

Book of the Week, The Evening Standard (UK)

“So entertaining, you don’t even have to like perfume”

The Denver Post

“Far more addictive than it has any right to be”

The Guardian (UK)

“I breathed in, rather than read, in one delighted gulp”

Hilary Mantel, author Wolf Hall

“Arrestingly honest, passionately poetic”

Grazia (Australia)

“Astonishingly brilliant and witty companion to all things fragrant”

Spectator (UK)

“A cracking good read”

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

“Stylish, erudite and hilarious”

Dallas Morning News

“Bigoted, snarling, monomaniacal, subjective, triumphalist, and quite magnificent”

Prospect (UK)

“Brash, opinionated, and wickedly funny”

Orlando Sentinel

“My favorite book of open-sky criticism this year”

Paper Cuts (NY Times book blog)

“As if a light has been switched on in a murky room”

Philip Hensher, author The Northern Clemency

“A wake-up call for the nostrils”

The Independent (UK)

“No one should visit a counter without it”

Vogue UK

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